Sending a Happy Hello  

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey ya!

I thought I'd share this quick card I made that hopefully will be going postal sometime soon!

If you have questions about anything I use on my cards please email me. I've been a bit lazy when about including the details of my card. I normally share and do a write up but it's been good to even get something posted this summer!

I took the kids to see the new Ice Age movie and was a little disappointed that it only lasted about an hour! yea you heard right not quite an hour long and they even asked you to recycle the 3D glasses after you paid an additional 2 buckaroos!! I still did the right thing by recycling but the nerve of them. Can't believe it, the movie should have at least been an hour and a half - geez!

The kids liked it so that's all that matters right?! I just had to vent!!!

Thanks for stopping by and come back.
On a side note - I really really really appreciate comments, they make me smile!
See ya later alligator -say's Raegan

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