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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here are the teacher gifts I will be giving Raegan's teacher and assistant.Cameron's teachers got the same thing but I put the bread loaf in a tin that I got at target and decorated it. It was so pretty but I didn;t have time to take a picture this morning. Raegan and I hung out at Cameron's school today which explains why I didn't have time we were rushing like crazy. Cameron had his Christmas party and book exchange and Reagan looked like she was part of the class as she was able to participate in all of the games, ice cream cone tree decorating and pizza eating. She had a blast!
Has anyone else been like majorly busy with Christmas parties, plays and shopping? I sure have but I love it! I have been working on a Christmas gift for a family member that I can't wait to share. I would post but that person (hmmm , mom) is a reader of my blog so I can't share yet.
Take time to relax - that's what I keep telling myself but I can't right now.
I get so excited around Christmas time I can't help it!!! :)
Thanks to everyone that sent birthday wishes to me on Monday. I had a great day, my hubby gave me a journey necklace it is sooo pretty. I will share a picture as soon as I take one.
Thanks for stopping by!

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